our mission & vision
our mission

Our Mission is to give timely support and supply our customers including airlines, catering establishments, supermarkets, cafes and hotels anywhere in the Middle East with authentic top quality bakery products. To create a productive atmosphere that would encourage our bakers to constantly perfect and broaden their expertise in traditional authentic baking, and be proudly reputed for delivering consistently superior baked goods. Finally, to ensure that our consumers enjoy a variety of freshly baked products within the Horeca sector. Our passion guarantees the finest product.

our vision

Our Vision is to become the market leader of IQF baked products in the Middle East. We are passionate about consistently crafting the highest baked products by combining state-of-the-art technology and deep knowledge of bread making traditions and aim to make a difference in the industry.

other services
food truck

Ideally located along Jumeirah Road, our Hippops Food Truck offers the most natural and original pops on a stick. Choose from 20 different flavors, dip your pop in the chocolate if your choice and add your favorite garnish to create your own Ice Cream. Our pops are solely made from natural and fresh ingredients.

Feel like high quality Ice Cream pops for your private event, corporate event or incentives? Look no further, ask for more information and please call at 052-898-3324.


In addition to the bakery goods Gulf Bagel Factory has to offer, Gelato Ice Cream is also our area of expertise. Scoop Gourmet Creamery is our B2B Ice Cream solution. Offering 2.5L and 5L, exclusively designed for Horeca and hospitality businesses, and more than 20 authentic Italian flavors as well as Lactose Free and vegan options to satisfy the needs of all.

Scoop Gourmet Creamery is locally produced in UAE using state-of-the-art machineries while being handled by fully trained and professional Ice cream makers. Scoop Gourmet Creamery also develops Tailor made Ice cream to fulfill all the different tastes of our clients.

our clients